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    Cycladic Fitness Gym

    Land line: +30 22850 44211
    Mobile: +30 69475 95757

    Frequently asked questions:

    Do you do outdoor training?2022-06-12T22:59:01+03:00

    Living in a place like this, it would be awkward if we didn’t! We sure do, please fill in the form below, let us know what your need is and we’ll make it happen.

    Can I book just a few training sessions?2022-06-06T14:55:33+03:00

    Of course! You can book a single- or multi-day pass. Just click on the BOOK NOW button above.

    Is there care for my kids?2022-06-06T14:49:36+03:00

    No, there’s not, apologies.

    Can I work with a personal trainer?2022-06-06T14:47:58+03:00

    Yes! Feel free to ask and we can arrange that.

    Can I use all the facilities?2022-06-06T14:31:28+03:00

    Of course just choose your package and start training immediately!

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